The Gods of Faerun

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The Gods of Light
Chauntea, NG: The Earthmother; Goddess of agriculture, farmers, gardeners, summer
Kelemvor, LN: Lord of the Dead, Judge of the Dead; God of death and the dead
Lathander, NG: The Morninglord; God of spring, dawn, birth, renewal, creativity, youth, vitality, athletics
Mystara, NG: Lady of Mysteries, the Mother of All Magic; Goddess of magic
Selûne, CG: Our Lady of Silver, the Moonmaiden; Goddess of the moon, stars, navigators, wanderers, good/neutral lycanthropes
Sune, CG: Lady Firehair; Goddess of beauty, love, passion
Torm, LG: The True, The Brave, The Loyal Fury; God of duty, justice, guardians, loyalty, duty, obedience, patron of paladins

The Gods of Balance
Tempus, CN: Lord of Battles, Master of War; God of war, battle, strength, protection
Gond, N: The Wonderbringer, Lord of All Smiths; God of invention, artifice, craft, construction, smithwork
Oghma, N: Lord of All Knowledge, Binder of What Is Known; God of knowledge, inspiration, bards, music
Silvanus, N: Oak Father, the Forest Father, Treefather; God of nature, wilderness, druids
Tyche, CN: Lady Luck; Goddess of luck, fate, fortune, adventurers
Ubtao, N: Creator of Chult, Founder of Mezro, Father of the Dinosaurs; God of Chult, , jungles, dinosaurs

The Gods of Darkness
Tiamat, CE: The Dark Queen, the Chromatic Dragon, Mother of All Evil; Goddess of strife, greed, evil dragons
Auril, CE: The Frost Maiden; Goddess of winter, ice, blizzards
Bane, LE: The Black Hand, the Black Lord, Lord of Darkness; God of tyranny, hatred, fear, murder, deception
Malar, CE: The Beastlord; God of hunters, bloodlust, evil lycanthropes, stalking, marauding beasts and monsters
Shar, NE: Mistress of the Night, the Dark Goddess, Mistress of all Thieves; Goddess of darkness, night, thieves, shadows, loss, illusion, forgetfulness, lust, unrevealed secrets
Talona, NE: Lady of Pain; Goddess of poison, disease, famine, pestilence
Talos, CE: The Destroyer, Stormlord; God of storms, destruction, rebellion, lightning

The Elemental Gods
Akadi, N: Goddess of elemental air
Grumbar, N: God of elemental earth
Istishia, N: Goddess of elemental water
Kossuth, N: Lord of Flames, the Firelord; God of elemental fire

The Gods of the Elves
Corellon Larethian, CG: Creator of the Elves, Protector and Preserver of Life, First of the Seldarine, Ruler of All Elves
Deep Sashelas, CG: Lord of the Undersea, the Dolphin Prince, the Knowledgeable One, Sailor’s Friend
Erevan Ilesere, CN: The Trickster, the Chameleon, the Green Changeling, the Fey Jester, Jack of the Seelie Court
Hanali Celanil, CG: The Heart of Gold, Winsome Rose, Archer of Love, Kiss of Romance, Lady Goldheart
Labelas Enoreth, CG: The Lifegiver, Lord of the Continuum, the One-Eyed God, the Philosopher, the Sage at Sunset
Rillifane Rallathil, CG: The Leaflord, the Wild One, the Great Oak, the Many-Branched, Old Man of the Yuirwood, the Many-Limbed
Sehanine Moonbow, CG: Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, the Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery, Lady of Dreams

The Gods of the Dwarves
Moradin, LG: The Soul Forger, Dwarf-Father, the All-Father, the Creator
Abbathor, NE: Great Master of Greed, Trove Lord, the Avaricious, Wyrm of Avarice
Berronar Truesilver, LG: The Revered Mother, the Mother Goddess, Matron of Home and Hearth
Clanggedin Silverbeard, LG: Father of Battle, Lord of the Twin Axes, the Giantkiller, Goblinbane, Wyrmslayer, the Rock of Battle
Dumathoin, N: Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, the Mountain Shield
Marthammor Duin, NG: The Wanderer
Vergadain, N: God of Wealth and Luck, the Merchant King, the Trickster, the Laughing Dwarf, the Short Father

The Gods of the Halflings
Yondalla, LG: The Protector and Provider, the Nurturing Matriarch, the Blessed One
Arvoreen, LG: The Defender, the Vigilant Guardian, the Wary Sword
Brandobaris, N: The Irrepressible Scamp, the Trickster, the Master of Stealth
Cyrrollalee, LG: The Hand of Fellowship, the Faithful, the Hearthkeeper
Sheela Peryroyl, N: Green Sister, the Wise, the Watchful Mother
Urogalan, N: He Who Must Be, the Black Hound, Lord in the Earth, the Protector, the Shaper

The Gods of the Gnomes
Garl Glittergold, NG: The Joker, The Watchful Protector, the Priceless Gem, the Sparkling Wit
Baervan Wildwanderer, NG: The Masked Leaf, the Forest Gnome, Father of Fish and Fungus
Callarduran Smoothhands, N: Deep Brother, Master of Stone, Lord of Deepearth, the Deep Gnome
Flandal Steelskin, LG: The Stern, Shield of the Golden Hills
Gond, N: The Wonderbringer, Lord of All Smiths; God of invention, artifice, craft, construction, smithwork
Segojan Earthcaller, NG: Earthfriend, the Rock Gnome, Lord of the Burrow, Digger of Dens, the Badger, the Wolverine
Urdlen, CE: The Crawler Below, the Evil One

Other Gods of the Shattered Realms
Blibdoolpoolp, NE: Goddess of the kuo-toa, the Sea Mother
Eilistraee , CG: The Dark Maiden, Lady of the Dance, Lady Silverhair, Moon Maiden, the Masked Lady
Gruumsh, CE: God of the Orcs, One-Eye, He Who Never Sleeps, the One-Eyed God, He Who Watches
Kurtulmak, LE: God of the Kobolds, the Horned Sorcerer, Steelscale, Stingtail, Watcher
Lolth, CE: Goddess of the Drow, Demon Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Dark Mother of All Drow, Lady of Spiders
Maglubiyet, CE: God of the Goblins, Fiery-Eyes, the Mighty One, the High Chieftain, the Lord of Depths and Darkness, Battle Lord
Ubtao, N: Creator of Chult, Founder of Mezro, Father of the Dinosaurs
Vaprak, CE: God of Ogres and Trolls, the Destroyer
Yeenoghu, CE: God of Gnolls, Demon Prince of Gnolls, the Destroyer, Beast of Butchery, Ruler of Ruin

The Gods of Faerun

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