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Blibdoolpoolp (also known as the Sea Mother) is the deity worshiped by the kuo-toan race. Her symbol is a lobster head and black pearl.

Blibdoolpoolp usually takes the form of a 20’ tall nude human female, with a lobster’s head and claws in place of humanoid parts. At close range, her gaze causes insanity. Blibdoolpoolp’s realm is called the Murky Depths and is located on the Elemental Plane of Water.

The Sea Mother is warped by her hatred of the surface-dwelling races that drove her children into the depths in the ancient past, and broods over her people while plotting revenge. It can be inferred from this that she has no allies among the surfacer deities, and possibly none at all.

Blibdoolpoolpian Domains: Destruction, Evil, Ocean, Water

Destruction Domain
Granted Power: You gain the smite power, the supernatural ability to make a single melee attack with a +4 bonus on attack rolls and a bonus on damage rolls equal to your cleric level (if you hit). You must declare the smite before making the attack. This ability is usable once per day.

Destruction Domain Spells
1. Inflict Light Wounds: Touch attack, 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
2. Shatter: Sonic vibration damages objects or crystalline creatures.
3. Contagion: Infects subject with chosen disease.
4. Inflict Critical Wounds: Touch attack, 4d8 damage +1/level (max +20).
5. Inflict Light Wounds, Mass: Deals 1d8 damage +1/level to any creatures.
6. Harm: Deals 10 points/level damage to target.
7. Disintegrate: Makes one creature or object vanish.
8. Earthquake: Intense tremor shakes 80-ft.-radius.
9. Implosion: Kills one creature/round.

Evil Domain
Granted Power: You cast evil spells at +1 caster level.

Evil Domain Spells
1. Protection from Good: +2 to AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders.
2. Desecrate (M): Fills area with negative energy, making undead stronger.
3. Magic Circle against Good: As protection from good, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
4. Unholy Blight: Damages and sickens good creatures.
5. Dispel Good: +4 bonus against attacks by good creatures.
6. Create Undead (M): Create ghouls, ghasts, mummies, or mohrgs.
7. Blasphemy: Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes nonevil subjects.
8. Unholy Aura (F): +4 to AC, +4 resistance, SR 25 against good spells.
9. Summon Monster IX: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you. (Cast as an evil spell only.)

Ocean Domain
Granted Power (Su): You have the ability to breathe water as if under the effect of a water breathing spell, for up to 1 minute per level. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies, lasts until it runs out or is no longer needed, and can operate multiple times per day (up to the total daily time limit).

Ocean Domain Spells
1. Endure Elements: Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
2. Sound Burst: Deals 1d8 sonic damage to subjects, might also stun them.
3. Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater.
4. Freedom of Movement: Subject moves normally despite impediments.
5. Water’s Embrace [RR]: Animates a body of water in order to drown a creature.
6. Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere: Freezes water or deals cold damage.
7. Control Weather: Changes weather in local area.
8. Summon Monster VIII: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you.
9. Elemental Swarm: Summons multiple water elementals (Water only).

Water Domain
Granted Power: Turn or destroy fire creatures as a good cleric turns undead. Rebuke, command, or bolster water creatures as an evil cleric rebukes undead. Use these abilities a total number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This granted power is a supernatural ability.

Water Domain Spells
1. Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
2. Fog Cloud: Fog obscures vision.
3. Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater.
4. Control Water: Raises or lowers bodies of water.
5. Ice Storm: Hail deals 5d6 damage in cylinder 40 ft. across.
6. Cone of Cold: 1d6/level cold damage.
7. Acid Fog: Fog deals acid damage.
8. Horrid Wilting: Deals 1d6/level damage within 30 ft.
9. Elemental Swarm: Summons multiple water elementals. (Cast as a water spell only.)


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