Welcome to the Shattered Realms. This campaign world is based upon Faerun, but there have been a few… changes.

In the year 1371 Dale Reckoning (1999 in Earth years), a fledgling DM chose to take his own new path.
Sure, he’d been playing and running games since 1982 and following along the “official” Forgotten Realms campaign setting for a decade, but he’d finally come to realize that he needed to create his own world.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. There were aspects of Faerun that were unsatisfactory for this DM, and he set plans in motion to change the world in his own image. And the first and most important change? Too many gods. Three entire books filled with deities, just for this one little continent. And thus, the Godswar (more commonly known as the War of the Dragons) came to be. The war raged on for the better part of three years; Tiamat successfully climbed through the ranks of the Faerunian pantheon, destroying numerous gods and firmly ensconcing herself as the new ruler of the pared-down Gods of Darkness. The War of the Dragons ended in tragedy – a world-shaking explosion (now referred to as the Breaking of the World) remade the face of Faerun.

Almost a century has passed since the Breaking; the Shattered Realms have largely recovered from that war, though there have been sweeping changes. New nations have arisen while others have fallen into ruin, but adventure is still waiting in every corner of these new Realms…

The Shattered Realms

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